We have received complaints regarding piles of snow placed in front of homes during the recent storm, so we wanted to explain why this is happening. It is actually due to an effort to assist homeowners who live on private streets within the Association.

As the streets are plowed, the excess snow in the plow blade creates berms along the side of the road. The plow operators make every effort to remove the berms in front of driveways, allowing homeowners to enter and exit without having to drive over (or shovel) a berm.  However, removing the snow in front of the driveways creates small piles, which are usually placed along the curb line in front of the house.  The alternative is to leave the berms, which could create a hardship for homeowners.

Let us know if you’d like the plows to continue clearing the berms: TAKE THIS SURVEY

Snow removal in Somersett

Snow removal on private streets within the Association begins when snow accumulations reach three inches. Plows start with the higher elevation areas and those streets with steep hills first (Back Nine, Eagle Chase, etc.) and then move to the lower elevations.  (Plowing of public streets – all streets not behind a gate – are the responsibility of the City of Reno.)

Hand crews follow up to perform detail work around the gates, sidewalks, mailboxes and any other areas of concern.  In the days following the storm, sand or ice-melt spreader trucks are dispatched as requested by the SOA’s general manager.

Community gates are left open during and after storms to allow equipment to move through the community quickly and efficiently and to avoid accidents involving equipment – or homeowner vehicles – sliding through the gates.


Homeowners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks adjacent to their property. The Association plows the common-area sidewalks and asphalt trails along the three major parkways (Somersett, Del Webb and Somersett Ridge) if there is still snow on the sidewalks and trails within 48 hours after the end of snowfall.

This year, the Association has contracted with Reno Green Landscaping to provide snow-clearing services. Reno Green uses a vendor with snow-clearing expertise and proper equipment to perform the heavy plowing. Reno Green crews provide the detail work.