You are out for a stroll around your neighborhood and you notice an irrigation leak. Or maybe you spot some damaged turf or a wasp nest in an area frequented by pedestrians. If the issue is in a common area, do you know who to notify?

For most of Somersett’s common areas, including East Park, the answer is to email the SOA at, or call 775-787-4500.

If the problem is in a common area within Sierra Canyon (exceptions noted below*), The Vue and The Village, we would like to remind everyone that these areas are managed by the respective sub-associations. Please reach out to:

Please be as specific as possible about the location and the problem, and provide photos, if possible. We appreciate your help!

*Please note: The center dividers and the adjacent sides (including the trails within them) of Somersett Parkway (between Villages 1 and 3), Del Webb Parkway East, and Somersett Ridge Parkway are the responsibility of the master association and not Sierra Canyon.  When there is a problem in these three “areas,” please notify Somersett and not Sierra Canyon. All other Sierra Canyon common areas are the responsibility of the sub-association.

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