You are out for a stroll around your neighborhood and you notice a malfunctioning sprinkler head. Or perhaps you spot a damaged sign or a wasp nest in an area frequented by walkers and joggers. If the issue is in a common area, do you know who to notify?

For most of Somersett’s common areas, including East Park, the answer is the SOA at

If the problem is in a common area within Sierra Canyon (exceptions noted below*), The Vue and The Village, we would like to remind everyone that these areas are managed by the respective sub-associations. Please reach out to:

Please be as specific as possible about the location and the problem, and provide photos, if possible. We appreciate your help!

*Please note: The common areas along Del Webb and Somersett Ridge parkways within Sierra Canyon are the responsibility of the SOA, as are the trailways (but not the area surrounding the trails). All other Sierra Canyon common areas are the responsibility of the sub-association.

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