West Park will have amazing views from its perch above Somersett Parkway.

Last week we were thrilled to find out that Somersett West Park was awarded a 2018 Petsafe® Bark for Your Park™ grant totaling $25,000. West Park was one of just 13 community dog parks chosen for the grant from among 120 applicants. Congratulations and thanks to John Willoughby of the Somersett Parks Advisory Committee, who wrote the application.

And even more good news came this week from city Parks Manager Jeff Mann, who said that West Park is first in line in Nevada in 2019 for a $200,000 grant from the Land and Water Conservation Fund in conjunction with the state of Nevada. “It’s pretty much a done deal,’’ he said. The grant money is expected to be available around March 1, 2019.

But even with these grants, the park is still short of the money needed to install all of the planned and approved amenities. The city had $850,000 set aside to build the park, of which about $100,000 has been spent on plans and grading work. Even with the grant money, the bids for construction costs are expected to come in higher than that, meaning that some park amenities will have to be phased in. To that end, the SOA’s Somersett Parks Committee has partnered with Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation to accept donations to fill this gap.

A sample memorial paver.

You can donate to the General Park fund (the committee’s preferred option), or you may select one of the specific amenities – Dog Park, Community Garden, Family Area – or purchase a memorial paver to be placed in a special area near the park entrance. Those who purchase pavers now will ensure they are installed in the first phase of construction.

PLEASE consider donating now so that we can include as many features as possible in the first phase of construction! Donate here: https://www.tmparksfoundation.org/somersett-west-park

Current park timeline

According to city Parks Manager Jeff Mann, “all of the stumbling blocks seem to have fallen away” for West Park. See this timeline graphic

Toll Brothers has installed the park’s water lines. The builder is scheduled to start paving streets on Sept. 10 for its Cliffs development, which is located just above the park site. As part of the park’s agreement with Toll Brothers, the builder will pave a portion of the parking lot as well as the street leading from Hawk Meadow Trail to the park. Toll Brothers is expected to be completely off the site by the end of October.

In the meantime, park plans are with the AGC for review. Once they are approved by the committee the city will send the plans out for building permits.  Mann expects the permits to be back by November, and the park will be placed for bid in December, which Mann says is an ideal time to present bids to contractors. “This is the best time to get reasonable prices,’’ he said.

That means that work on the park should start in the spring, right around the time that the Land and Water Conservation Fund grant money is expected to be available.

Pet Evac Pak supports West Park

Living in an area where earthquakes and wildfires are always a possibility, you have probably thought about what you would take with you if you ever have to evacuate your home in a hurry. But have you thought about what you will take for your pets? If you are like 91% of Americans, the answer is no (USA Today, June 1, 2018).

That’s where Reno-based Pet Evac Pak comes in. When company founders Michelle and Claudia visited Houston after Hurricane Harvey hit last year, they were struck by how ill-prepared residents were for evacuating their pets. So, they founded Pet Evac Pak, which sells easy-to-grab backpacks with everything you need to keep your pet safe for 72 hours: a pet first-aid kit, a leash, food and water – some kits even come with an airline-approved carrier. (Items may also be purchased individually to supplement a kit you may already have.)

And through the end of September, Pet Evac Pak will donate 10% of your purchase to the Dog Park at West Park if you put in the coupon code WESTPARKDOG at checkout. Plus, if you use the code, shipping fees will be waived and the company will arrange delivery free of charge.

So, as the company says “be your pet’s hero,’’ and at the same time be an angel for West Park!

Find out more and purchase here: https://www.petevacpak.com/

About the park

West Park will be conveniently located off Hawk Meadow Trail, near Fire Station #19 and across Somersett Parkway from The Vue. See this map.

The park is sure to be popular with dog owners, as it will have two dog parks – one for large and another for small dogs. The Dog Park area is quite large because it takes advantage of uneven topography that would not be suitable for any other use.

Gardeners in the community will enjoy the irrigated raised beds in the Community Garden.

There will also be a Family Play Area and a pavilion with picnic tables, an exercise trail, a large grassy area and access to a trailhead.