March 25, 2020 update

West Park continues to progress. The fencing is almost completed, the Pavilion is up and the landscaping is being installed. We still have no word on an opening date.

A view of Somersett West Park on March 22, 2020.










Feb. 14, 2020 update:

It has been exciting to watch Somersett West Park taking shape across from the Fire Station on Hawk Meadow Trail! The park will feature a Community Garden with raised beds available to the public. Are you interested in cultivating one of the beds? If so, the West Park Garden Committee is forming an interest list to keep you in the loop as more information about the garden becomes available. To add your name to the list, email with your name, email and phone number.


Jan. 9, 2020 update:

The newly formed West Park Community Garden Committee met on Jan. 7 with representatives from the park’s builder, Spanish Springs Construction, to go over sample garden beds. The park will have a community garden with irrigated raised beds available to the public. The committee, made up of Somersett resident volunteers, will administer the community garden, instituting rules and overseeing usage.

The Family Play Area has been installed, along with the restrooms and some of the fencing, which can be seen from Somersett Parkway.

Members of the West Park Community Garden Committee, representatives from Spanish Springs Construction and SOA staff look at garden beds at the park site on Tuesday, Jan. 7.
The Family Play Area and new walls and fencing at Somersett West Park.

Oct. 23, 2019 update:

Click here to view a drone video of Somersett West Park taken by Toll Brothers on Oct. 21, 2019.



Construction of Somersett West Park is in full swing and this drone video gives a bird’s-eye view of the progress. The Play Area is the framed-out section toward the top of the screen. See this map for reference when viewing the video:

There will be no need for phasing any of the park’s features – everything will be included in the initial round of construction.

We know you are excited to watch this long-anticipated project take form, but we ask that you please stay away from the site while construction is ongoing, due to safety concerns.

About the park

West Park will be conveniently located off Hawk Meadow Trail, near Fire Station #19 and across Somersett Parkway from The Vue. See this map.

The park is sure to be popular with dog owners, as it will have two dog parks – one for large and another for small dogs. The Dog Park area is quite large because it takes advantage of uneven topography that would not be suitable for any other use.

Gardeners in the community will enjoy the irrigated raised beds in the Community Garden. An Ad-Hoc Garden Committee is being formed to administer the garden.

There will also be a Family Play Area and a pavilion with picnic tables, an exercise trail, a large grassy area and access to a trailhead.

West Park will have amazing views from its perch above Somersett Parkway.

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