Amenities at Somersett West Park include, clockwise from top left, a family play area and pavilion, stunning views, a community garden, swings in the family play area, and two dog parks.


Somersett West Park opened (officially) on Aug. 7 when the City of Reno handed over responsibility for park maintenance to the Association. The Somersett West Park Committee partnered with the city to ensure that the park would fulfill the interests and needs of the community surrounding it and become a multi-use, multi-generational neighborhood park. What has emerged is a true gem on the west side of the community, a bookend to Somersett East Park. Both parks are city parks and are open to the public. The Association maintains them both.


The new park features:

  • Two dog parks – a grassy fenced space for small dogs and a “natural’’ area for large dogs.
  • A family area with play equipment for children to enjoy.
  • A covered pavilion with picnic tables.
  • A community garden (tentatively set to open in spring 2021).
  • A grassy area where on a recent visit, children were running around playing in the “sprinklers,’’ aka turf irrigation spray.
  • Exercise paths.
  • Stunning views of Somersett and the mountains surrounding the community.
  • A parking lot.
  • Restrooms.


A park in progress

The area where the memorial pavers will be installed.

Although the park is open, there is still work to be done.

  • The Somersett West Park Community Garden Committee is working to make improvements to the community garden and to establish rules and a lottery system for its 50 raised planting beds, which include a limited number of handicapped-accessible plots. Interested in taking on a raised bed next year? Email to put yourself on an interest list. (For more about the Community Garden, see the Garden Update, below.)
  • An area next to the parking lot will feature memorial pavers which have been ordered but have not yet arrived. We will let you know when they have been installed.
  • Improvements are planned for the large dog park. The City of Reno and the Association will work together to remove the weeds, improve the grade, seed and install irrigation. This project will be done in the fall and in the early spring of 2021.


Donations welcome

Want to help make the park even better? It’s not too late to make a donation to the park or to order a memorial paver. The SOA has partnered with Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation to take donations for the general park fund, as well as individual funds for park equipment, the pavilion, the community garden, the dog park and memorial pavers. Click here to view the TMPF page for West Park, which has the donation tabs near the top of the page.

Where is West Park?

The park is located 2110 Hawk Meadow Trail, at the northeast corner of Hawk Meadow and Somersett Parkway, across from the City of Reno Fire Station #19. Here’s a map


Update from the West Park Community Garden Committee

Aug. 27, 20020

The schedule is still a go for planting in the spring of 2021! All of the main garden structures are complete, including primary irrigation.

The team is now considering the raised bed individual drip implementations and options. We are also conducting tests of the existing garden soil to determine if we need to add amendments. Amendments, as well as delivery costs for this scale of a garden, can be expensive so the team will have help from local soil scientists and the UNR Extension to help optimize the project.

Once our garden’s rules and regulations are accepted by the Board, we will proceed with the assignment lottery for the garden beds. The list is still open so you have the opportunity to be included in the lottery (one name per household please). If interested, please email

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