DigOne of the most-photographed features of the Canyon Nine Golf Course is its ponds. But did you know that one of these lovely basins also plays an important role in the Somersett drainage system?

The pond next to the 1st hole is designed to act as a repository for sediment that naturally washes down from the hill above through the drainage system. Trapping the sediment here prevents debris and sludge from washing further down the system and causing irrigation blockages.

Once the sediment fills the pond, it must be cleaned out which happens about once every five years.

Work crews are currently in the process of clearing out the pond, down to a level of about six feet. Once the work is complete the pond will naturally fill with water and the process begins again. It will take crews a couple of weeks to finish the job. Until then please be mindful of construction traffic in the Town Center.

If you have any questions, please contact the SOA office at 775-787-4500 or email soa@mysomersett.com.


1 thought on “This pretty pond has a practical purpose”

  1. The cleaning out of the Upper Pond (closest to the TCTC) has been a very noisy affair – as a gas powered pumping station have been running 24/7. Given the “bowl like” topography surrounding the Ponds the noise carries…

    I was wondering, given the importance of the lower Pond to providing water for both the CGC and the Canyon 9, whether this needs to be “de-sludged”. At one time there were at least two mammals swimming in this pond, if a clean out is carried out, how will they be handled? It is nice to see a picture of the ‘digging equipment’ (not pretty?) – it would be nicer to have a map showing the pond’s actual location, and when re-done its expected position. Is there a dam to hold back the water (and sediment) or was this just a natural hollow. It was only when I saw the “digging” that I actually knew that there was supposed to be a pond in this location. I must confess that I had not noticed it before the “great cleansing”!

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