The following is an archive of stories about the SOA and living in Somersett.

About the SOA

Protecting property values is what the Association is all about

The difference between gated (private) and public streets

Sub-Associations: What they are and what they mean to you

The story behind Somersett’s leaf logo

The SOA’s governing documents

Somersett homeowners annual assessments: The whys and wherefores

What to do if you spot a problem in a common area

Board meetings give homeowners a chance to have a say in SOA decisions

Rules and Regulations

Community Standards Committee FAQs

Aesthetics Guidelines Committee FAQs

The rules on December decorations

Snow removal and street sweeping

Operating golf carts in Somersett

Website FAQs


FirstService Residential Connect

FAQs about the FirstService Residential Connect portal

Living here

The benefits of roundabouts

Watering Somersett’s common areas

Pet ownership in Somersett

Crime-prevention tips

Preparing for a garage sale

Pedestrian safety

Introducing BrightView

Fire safety

Improve your home’s odds of surviving a wildfire

Wildfire Fuels Assessment Report (May 2017)

Wildfire Fuels Assessment Map (May 2017)

Landscaping tips

Drainage is an issue, even in the foothills

High temps and your landscaping

How to control cheatgrass

Attracting hummingbirds to your garden

Keeping your grass green in hot summer weather


Mountain lions, coyotes, bobcats and bears

Rattlesnake awareness

Is it a bobcat or a mountain lion?

Wildlife in Somersett