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Now that spring is finally here, it’s time to think about your landscaping. The majority of you have small areas of grass along with shrubs that are coming out of dormancy. Below are a few tips to get you ready for green grass and beautiful shrubs.

IRRIGATION START-UP: After the reasonable threat of freezing is over, the irrigation can be started back up. Irrigation mainlines will be filled with water once again. Check irrigation, repair breaks, straighten leaning heads, and make sure nozzles are not clogged. The controllers will be set depending on the weather. As the weather warms, the run times will be increased. If the frost returns, turn your sprinklers off temporarily, as they will create ice on the sidewalks.

GRASS AERATION: Core aerators will be used on the grass areas. These machines have tines that pull small plugs of turf, leaving a series of small holes. These holes loosen the soil and help get water, air, and nutrients into the root zone resulting in healthier turf. It is not necessary to rake up the cores. They can be recycled back into the lawn using a mulching mower. Remember to water the day before aerating to help the tines penetrate deeper. Also, be careful to avoid sprinkler heads as the aerators will break them. Aerators can be rented at most rental yards.  

GRASS FERTILIZATION: After the sprinklers are back on and the grass is aerated, an application of granular fertilizer will be applied to help the turf “wake-up.” Use a quick-release fertilizer for the first application. Purchase a fertilizer with Iron included as most soils are lacking Iron and it will increase the green in your grass. Your local garden center will be able to recommend the best product for your yard.

GRASS WEED AND DISEASE CONTROL: If your grass had a weed infestation last year, such as dandelions or crabgrass or diseases such as Necrotic Ring Spot, consider applying pre-emergent weed control or a fungicide to control the disease. This can be done yourself, or you can contract out a local contractor to do this service for you.

SHRUB CARE: Check existing drip system and repair all breaks to ensure even distribution. Prune back or hand pinch summer flowering shrubs to keep under control and promote growth. If you haven’t already done so, cut back perennials and grasses close to the ground. Now will be the time to apply a Bud and Bloom fertilizer that will produce healthier and longer-lasting flowers. Now also would be the time to plant fruit trees as well other trees and shrubs before they break bud.

Happy gardening!

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