Lines in the soil caused by erosion can be seen on the large slope in front of The Cliffs development.

Representatives from the SOA Board and management met last week with a Toll Brothers project manager and engineer along with representatives from the City of Reno to discuss growing concerns about runoff and erosion coming from the big slope in front of The Cliffs development.

SOA engineer Seth Padovan outlined construction issues affecting both short- and long-term maintenance. SOA representatives stressed that Somersett is not willing to accept the turnover of this project if we foresee ongoing maintenance expenses due to slope erosion.

It was encouraging that the city engineer and environmental control representatives were supportive of the SOA’s position.

A solution discussed was to cover the big slope in front of The Cliffs as well as those further back in the project with fiber mats combined with high-quality hydro-seeding. This is a somewhat expensive procedure and was probably not in the project budget for Toll Brothers.  However, Toll’s project manager acknowledged that there are significant problems with the slopes and resulting erosion and that Toll wants to be sure that the project meets the expectations and requirements of Somersett.

This was a preliminary meeting and it is anticipated that several more will be needed before a final agreement is reached between the SOA, the city and Toll Brothers.

It is important to note that Somersett has the least to say on the turnover and that most of the oversite will come from the city – even though the SOA will be responsible for maintaining common areas which include the slopes in question.  So, if you have concerns regarding this project, it is important to let the city know.  Contact Reno Direct at 775-334-4636 or, or email our Ward 5 representative, Neoma Jardon, at