Board Treasurer Simon Baker, representing the Budget & Finance Committee, presented the tentative 2021 Budget to SOA members on Wednesday, Oct. 7. The 2021 Budget calls for a $2 increase in the Common Area Assessment – to $107 monthly, no increase in the TCTC assessment, which remains at $89, and a $4 decrease in the Gates assessment, to $50. The Finance Committee also recommended that the expected TCTC and Common Area surpluses for 2020 should be used to pay down Association debt. For more information, see this 2021 Budget Presentation PDF 

Board approval

Next, the 2021 Budget will be up for Board review and approval at the regular Board meeting at 5:30 pm on Wednesday, Oct. 14. 

2021 Budget Packet

The 2021 Budget Packet will be mailed to all members no later than Nov. 1.

Budget ratification

The 2021 Budget is scheduled for ratification at the Annual Members Meeting at 4 pm on Monday, Nov. 16, at The Club at Town Center.

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