On November 15th, the votes were counted and three new homeowners were elected to the SOA Board of Directors. After the results were announced, the new Board held a brief meeting to elect officer positions for 2018. I have the honor of being President and will lead all Board meetings next year.  While that position is a privilege, it has its challenges. With Somersett’s large population, it is easy to understand how not everyone will agree with the decisions this Board will make. As President, it will be my responsibility to oversee discussions and votes that will affect all homeowners. Thus, it is very important that your elected Board hear from you on issues you deem important.  Our Board meeting dates and all Committee meeting dates are posted on this website. I encourage you to attend as many meetings as possible. Share your ideas, concerns, and comments with us. We are your elected representatives. Help us lead this Association through 2018 in a very positive manner.  Tom Fitzgerald SOA Board President

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