Here is a guide to snow removal along Somersett streets and sidewalks.

Private streets

Snow removal and street sweeping within the sub-associations of the Village and the Vue are the responsibility of the sub-associations. Other private streets within the Association will be plowed when there is an accumulation of three inches on the street. Streets will be swept within a reasonable time frame following the last snowfall to clear the streets of sand and debris.

Community gates are left open during and after storms to allow equipment to move through the community quickly and efficiently and to avoid accidents involving equipment – or homeowner vehicles – sliding through the gates.

City-owned streets

In Somersett, any street that is not behind a gate is a public street, which means that plowing is the responsibility of the city. Here is a link to the city’s plan for snow and ice control. If you have questions, contact the city at 334-2099.

In the City of Reno snowplowing map below, Priority 1 multi-lane roads are orange, Priority 1 single-lane roads are blue, Priority 2 bus routes are red and Priority 3 roads are black. Zoom in to see your neighborhood.


Homeowners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks adjacent to their property. The Association will plow the common area sidewalks and asphalt trails along the three major parkways (Somersett, Del Webb and Somersett Ridge) if there is still snow on the sidewalks and trails within 48 hours after the end of snowfall.

Report potholes

If you spot a pothole on a city-maintained street, call Reno Direct at 775-334-4636, or submit a request online at
To report a pothole on an SOA-maintained street behind a gate, call the SOA office at 775-787-4500, or email

Icy roadways

Tips for navigating slippery roadways.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the SOA Office at 787-4500.

2 thoughts on “Snow removal and street sweeping”

  1. I live ‘behind the gates’ on Laurel Ridge and they just plowed our street and pushed all the snow and ice into my drive way. This makes it impossible for me to get out of my driveway. The people doing the plowing need to be told not to push the snow and ice into people’s driveways.

    1. Hello Joe,
      I will pass this information on to our Project Manager, Jim O’Connell. He will alert the snowplow contractor about this situation. They are supposed to be pushing the snow NEXT to the driveways, not in front of them!
      Robin Bolson

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