The asphalt sidewalk on the north side of Somersett Parkway below the three-tiered wall at the 2nd roundabout is closed to public use. Engineers evaluating rockery walls for the SOA deemed this wall to be potentially unsafe with an elevated risk of failure. Cones with signage indicating closure have been placed on both ends of the closed trail segment. See THIS MAP for trail closure and detour locations.

2 thoughts on “Sidewalk closed”

  1. I have been wondering about the sidewalk being coned off but the Parkway is still open? If the walls are deemed unsafe for walkers I would think they are unsafe for drivers also, am I missing something or is the association just being overly cautious with walkers and not willing to divert traffic to rear entrance? I would think if the wall fails it would be equally unsafe for cars as it is for walkers.

  2. If the walkway is coned off because it is unsafe, should not the detour sign state the reason as it is not obvious what the problem is. I have seen a lot of pedestrians ignore it. Also, if the SOA does not want anyone to use the walkway, why do we snow plow it? That just invites foot traffic.

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