Somersett’s location alongside on the eastern slope of the Sierras often puts the community in the crosshairs of some pretty impressive winds. Some of you have complained that these mighty gusts occasionally lift trash and recycle can lids up, and then blow the cans’ contents around the neighborhood. We spoke with Waste Management about the problem and here’s what a spokesperson suggests:

  1. Don’t over-stuff: Make sure that you don’t overfill your trash cans, creating a gap between the lid and the main part of the can. This gap allows wind to get underneath the lid and elevate it. The lids are heavy and if shut completely, they should be very wind-resistant.
  2. Masking tape ‘hack’: Disclaimer – Waste Management does not officially sanction this workaround, known as a “driver’s hack.’’ On days of extreme wind, you might want to try attaching the lid to the main part of the can with two pieces of masking tape. When the Waste Management truck picks up the can, the weight of the trash falling out should break the tape allowing the trash to empty into the truck. However, Waste Management stresses that if for some reason the tape does not break, your garbage will not be emptied and the truck will not return to try again.
  3. Wildlife-resistant can: If high winds are a problem where you live and your cans are frequently being blown over, consider ordering a “wildlife resistant’’ trash can with a latch. This container is slightly more expensive than a conventional can, but it should prevent the wind from “redistributing’’ your garbage around your street. As a bonus, the latched cans are also resistant to bears, which have been known to forage in Somersett garbage cans. For more information about these “wildlife resistant’’ cans, call Waste Management at 775-329-8822.

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