No_Sledding_Sign We kindly ask that you refrain from winter activities on both the Canyon Nine and the Championship golf courses during the winter season.  We do not allow tubing, tobogganing, sledding, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, etc. on either golf course in the winter.  Damage caused by this activity becomes apparent in the spring and playing conditions are greatly sacrificed.

If you spot this activity you may report it here:

For the Canyon Nine: Call the Association office at 787-4500 or email
For the Championship course: Call the Clubhouse at 787-1800 ext 2 or email Stuart Smith at

Thank you for your cooperation!

3 thoughts on “Reminder – Golf courses are closed to all winter activity!”

  1. There are areas near the new club house (a nice gentle slope) by the Bocce ball courts that could safely used for sleding for the kids.

    I am sure that there are some grassy hillsides near the Canyon 9 that could accessed easily and used.

    Most other golf communities (Tahoe-Donner) encourage skiing uno-shoeing and sledding in designated areas. If we have snow on our trails surely snow shoeing or x-country skiing should be allowed…

    Geoffrey Brooks

  2. How about clearing a swath on the hill at the East Park? It is SOA common property, is not too steep, and it has a nice run out onto the existing park area. Parking is readily available at the park, as well as across the road in the Town Center lot. There really is no need to impact the golf course, as some folks have suggested. Every time it snows, this comes up. Let’s get off of the dime and do something positive for this beautiful community we live in! PLEASE! Don’t study it to death…

  3. Dear Mr. Brooks and Mr. Pollard,

    Winter activities on the golf courses are not allowed due to the damage such activities cause to the grass. The trail systems throughout Somersett, including the Canyon 9 trails, are public and none of our documents restrict cross country skiing or snowshoeing. Use of the Somersett trail system is at your own risk. We appreciate the suggestion to clear a portion of native area in the vicinity of the East Park, however doing so would compound the erosion issues that the SOA is continuously working to resolve throughout the community. Additionally it would allow more silt to build up in the creek below potentially obstructing the flow of water over time. In an effort to find an option, a suggestion came forth to use the old Northgate Golf Course. It is public land (owned by the city) with hills and no large rocks to look out for, not to mention it is close to Somersett.

    Thank you,
    SOA Staff

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