Parking in Somersett

Recreational vehicles

You may park your boat, trailer, camper or recreational vehicle on your lot for the purpose of loading and unloading for a period of no more than 48 hours. 

Private streets

Parking on private streets is prohibited between the hours of 2 and 6 am unless a parking pass is displayed in the rear-view mirror of the vehicle and the vehicle is parked in front of the residence that requested the pass. Passes, which are good for up to 72 hours, are available at the SOA offices. Passes are good for one license plate per residence per month.

Vehicles found to be on a private street after 2 am and without a parking pass will have a violation sticker applied as a first warning. If the vehicle is found to be on the street after 2 am within 30 days of the original violation sticker, the vehicle will be towed at its owner’s expense.  The responsible unit owner may also be subject to additional violation enforcement, such as hearings and fines.

Public streets

City of Reno parking rules apply to streets within Somersett that are not behind a gate. City rules state that all vehicles must move every 48 hours. If the vehicle has not moved within that time frame, it is considered dead storage and can be reported to Reno Direct as an abandoned vehicle by calling 775-334-INFO.

The Town Square

The Town Square parking lot is privately owned and overnight parking is not permitted. Vehicles left in the lot overnight will receive a parking violation. If the problem persists, the vehicle will be towed.