Our Website Has a New Look!

Throughout the past year, the Communications Committee has been working to bring you a re-designed website with community news and the ability to share information, and viewpoints, with your neighbors. Along with the capabilities we enjoyed in the past, the new website brings some important improvements:

  • You are not required to enter a password to read non-member news and information. The new website will present articles of general interest to everyone without requiring you to log-in.
  • The new website allows you to comment on articles. We want to know what you think and how you feel about events in your community.  This website allows you to share your viewpoints with your neighbors and the association.  In order to post a comment however, you will have to log-in and give your name.  Anonymous posting, and comments by non-members are not allowed.
  • The new website will render properly on mobile devices. When you use your smartphone or pad device to view website content, things will scale down so they are still readable.
  • Members will still have secure access to association documents, meeting minutes, studies and reports. In addition, a website search feature is now provided, so you can find information on rules and policies. Non-members will not have access to this secure area.

In addition to delivering new capabilities and an updated look, the new website is built on a platform which can be extended and enhanced by association staff.  The Communications Committee wanted to build a website which could easily change as Somersett grows and changes.

  • This website, its content and any software developed for it are the property of the Somersett Owner’s Association; we don’t have to pay licensing fees for the use of the software which drives the website.
  • Because we have used open-source, non-proprietary software, we are not restricted to a single contractor for improvements and maintenance. In fact, most of the website’s features can be maintained by association staff.
  • This website is state-of-the art. The old website was cumbersome to update and lacked important capabilities, such as the ability to render well on mobile devices.  We were limited to a feature set provided by a single vendor.  The new website is completely extendable and promises to serve us well into the future without a complete overhaul.
  • The new website results in cost-savings. The old website required $8000 annually in fees to operate.  The new website required less than that to develop. Going forward, the only cost will be for hosting the site on the Internet.

A website is only as good as the information it provides and the readership it attracts.  Recognizing this, we have brought a new Communications Director, Ashley Cook, on board to keep the website fresh and to moderate discussions and comments.  Ashley will be continuously looking for news and articles to keep you informed about Somersett and the surrounding areas.  The new website makes publishing quick and easy, so we hope you will contact Ashley if you have an article you would like published or an opinion you feel should be shared with all of us. We all know Somersett is a great place to live and it deserves first-rate communications and information technology.  This website is a first step toward integrating Somersett’s multiple data stores into a unified system owned and managed by the association.  We hope you like our new look, will visit the new site often and will be moved to comment and participate.

6 thoughts on “Our Website has a New Look!”

  1. Nice to be able to comment on the SOA posted News articles. However, it would also be nice for Members to be able to comment on Association issues not related to any of the posted articles. Issues which one may believe to be of general interest to the community at large, but not being addressed otherwise. Therefore, suggest inclusion of a “Member Forum or Letters to the BOD” page to enable Members to express their viewpoints on other topics relevant to Association business.

    1. Good Afternoon Jim,

      We did print your comments out and presented your comments and suggestions to the Communications committee. They did discuss all of the points you mentioned and found many of your suggestions to be very helpful. There has been discussion of adding a Member Forum type feature to the website.

      Thank you,

  2. I know the “new” website is a work in progress, but it needs a lot of work, such as:
    1. All household members should be able to sign on and have their own profile – instead of only one member per household.
    2. There should be one calander with all events, not five or six calendars. This way you can see what all is going on at TCTC, without jumping from calendar to calendar. It should also allow you to search for an event via a search box. Right now it’s difficult to find an event like “Touch-a-Truck.
    3. You should be able to email a staff and/or board member from the website.
    4. There should be descriptions of clubs and events. There are descriptions in the magazine.
    5. The members directory is not functioning or has only a handful of names. I would think everyone’s name should be included, but personal information could be only included if that person elected to include it.

    Not JoAnn but Rob

    1. Good Afternoon Rob,

      Thank you for your comments about our new website. We are aware of the issues, and we are in the process of resolving each of them. We do not have a specific deadline, however, I can assure you we are working on resolving in a timely manner.

      1. At this time there is only one login per household because that’s what the Communications Committee decided while constructing the website.
      2. We went back through all of the events, and added to the all “Events” calendar. I have contacted our Web Developer to check on this issue. All events have been added to the “All Events”, however they are not all appearing.
      3. If you click on any of the staff members name, it will link to their email. If you email soaboard@somersett.net the entire board will receive it.
      4. We do have descriptions of each club and event, if you click on the specific event on the calendar.
      5. The member’s directory is for each member to “opt-in” to make their information public. The Communications committee decided to allow each member to have the option disclose the information they would prefer.

      We appreciate your feedback. Homeowners are more than welcome to attend our Communications committee to listen and comment at the end of the meeting on Thursday, October 20 at 3:00 pm at the Canyon View Room at The Club at Town Center.

      Thank you,

  3. I agree with the other comments about the login process. Also, the fitness calendar needs to be updated. I arrived this morning to attend the FIT class that is on the schedule and was told that they no longer have that class on Saturdays. Also it would have been nice if the calendar was updated to reflect the canceled classes on Friday(day after Thanksgiving), ideally it would have been better to show a message on the home page. It would be nice for the home page to have current information on there instead of outdated information.


    1. Good Afternoon Joanne,

      I apologize the fitness calendar did not show the updated classes available on Saturdays. I have updated the fitness calendar to reflect the correct schedule. In the future, any classes that are canceled due to the holidays will be reflected on the website calendars.

      Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate it.


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