Somersett is a master-planned golfing community with two beautiful courses nestled in its neighborhoods, canyons and open spaces. With so many golfers in our midst, you probably have seen golf carts being driven down Somersett Parkway or around your neighborhood. Wondering what the rules are concerning these pint-size vehicles? Here’s what the City of Reno and the SOA’s own Rules and Regulations have to say.

The city designated public streets within Somersett as approved “routes of access’’ for golf carts in 2012 (Bill No. 6804). Signs on Somersett and Del Webb parkways and other roadways mark the points beyond which golf carts are not permitted. Golf carts are also permitted on Somersett’s private streets as per the SOA’s Rules and Regulations.

According to the City of Reno’s Administrative Code Chapter 6.17, golf carts are exempt from registration by the DMV and do not need a permit so long as they are operating on city streets or city right-of-ways designated as appropriate for golf carts.

City code also states that golf carts must be operated in daylight by a licensed driver, and that golf carts are required to have headlights, tail lamps, reflectors, stop lamps, an emblem or placard for slow-moving vehicles, a mirror, and brakes.

We received complaints in the past about golf carts being driven across private lawns and on sidewalks. Neither is permissible, according to the Rules and Regulations: “No motor vehicle shall be operated in any area within the Subdivision except on a street or driveway. Motorized vehicles except authorized maintenance vehicles or emergency vehicles are specifically prohibited on all open space, paths, trails, walkways or Common Areas (except streets or parking areas).”

We hope this helps clarify the rules on golf carts in Somersett!


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