Our New Website

The Somersett Owners Association (SOA) website was redesigned and released to the community in August 2016. The new website improved our internet presence by allowing visitors to see most articles without the need to log in. It also enabled residents who have logged in to the website to comment on articles, to share ideas and opinions with the community. Unlike the old website, the new version now displays properly on mobile devices, resizing content to fit smaller screens when necessary.

In spite of these improvements, the new website had some problems which were discovered after implementation:

  • The website only allowed “primary” residents to log in. For example, if John Smith was listed as the “primary” account holder for his Somersett residence, his wife Mary Smith would not be able to log in with her own personal account.
  • The website allowed members to “subscribe” to Somersett email newsletters. However, this feature began to malfunction and needed repair.
  • There was no automated transfer of account information from the association’s member database to the website. This resulted in records being out-of-sync between the Club at Town Center and the website. This required time-consuming manual intervention for staff who needed to reconcile member information.
  • The website’s “password reset” messages were not being delivered to members when requested.
  • All news articles and events were presented in chronological order on the website home page. New event announcements displaced older articles and pushed them off the screen. As a result, the home page often became filled with out-dated notices for events which had already passed, and important articles which should have remained on the page disappeared.

We are pleased to announce that these issues have been addressed with this new website release.

  • Members of a household who are not “primary” members now have the ability to log in to the website using their own credentials. To log in, a member must use either their Member ID number (available from SOA staff) or their email address, and their password. If you have an email address on file with the association, you can gain access to the website by clicking on the “Lost Password” link which appears on the log in page. The website will email you a link giving you access to the website and asking you to provide a new password. These temporary passwords proposed by the website are complex, so be sure to change it to something easier for you to remember. If you don’t have an email address on file, please contact SOA staff and they will set add it to your account. Email addresses are very important to us since they enable us to communicate with you quickly and inexpensively. However, if you prefer not to provide us with your email address, you can contact SOA staff to get your Member ID number and use the Member ID as your username to log in.
  • After logging in, be sure to use the website “subscribe” feature. This feature authorizes the association to email notices to you. You can check boxes on the subscribe page to indicate your interests. When you first sign up for the newsletter, the website will send you an email message to confirm your subscription. Be sure to click on the link in the message to confirm your email address and complete your subscription. Email received from the association contains links allowing you to “unsubscribe” or change your preferences at any time. Since we don’t want to send you unwanted messages, please unsubscribe when you are no longer interested.
  • Member information (names, email addresses and member ID’s) are now synchronized daily between the website and the Club’s member database. This means that, if you have access to the Club at Town Center, you also have access to the website. This includes spouses, children and other authorized members of a household. However, if you can’t log in, it is important to contact SOA staff to have your member record corrected. This includes adding an email address if one is not on file for you. Your record will be updated at the Club and this update will propagate to the website which should enable you to log in. Members of Sierra Canyon, although they have their own separate amenities, also have access to the website, and should contact SOA staff if they have trouble logging in.
  • Password reset messages are now being emailed by the website. If you forget your password, or have never set up a password, it’s worth clicking this link and providing your email address. Check your email (including your SPAM folder) for a message which enables you to set or reset your password. If you have not provided an email address to SOA staff, the website will advise you that the email you have provided is not on file with the SOA. In that case, you should contact SOA staff and have them add an email address to your record. Again, if you don’t want to provide your email address, SOA staff can provide your Member ID number which you can use to log in.
  • The home page now allows us to retain articles of on-going interest without having them “pushed off” the page by newer articles. Some articles, such as compliance reminders, public safety articles, or homeowner tips, can be retained on the page indefinitely. We want to provide interesting content which will bring you back to the website and the new design facilitates this.

In addition, the website design allows the posting of comments for members who have logged in. If you have an idea or want to share your opinion with the community, please feel free to post a comment on any article on the website. All comments are moderated to make sure they are not offensive, and your name will be shown be below the comment. However, we want to encourage the free and open expression of ideas and opinions which will make our community better. If you have something to say, but it doesn’t seem to relate to an article on the website, please email our Community Relations Coordinator with the article you wish to post. The Somersett website is the best way to get accurate information regarding the rules, policies and decisions which affect our community.

Our website is located at: