Somersett Owner’s Association is transitioning to a new mailing address for association dues. The new address is P.O. Box 62049 Newark, NJ 07101. As before, make your check out to Somersett Owner’s Association and be sure to include your SOA account number on your check. You can find your account number in your coupon book.

Time frame: From now until March, payments will be accepted at either address. After March, payments will only be accepted at the new address!

How will this affect you?

If you pay your association dues via your bank online (online banking): You MUST inform your bank of the new mailing address before March. (This usually involves going your bank’s website and editing the address for the payee you set up for your association dues.)

If you pay your assessments via ClickPay (Autopay): There is no change.

If you pay your assessments via coupon: There is no need to do anything. Your new payment coupons for 2020 are updated with the new address.

If you pay your assessments via check or money order at SOA offices or via the lock box at Aspen Lodge: There is no change. We will forward your checks to be processed.

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