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Ainsworth, Gerald

Phone: 7757470911

Alexander, Dave

Phone: 9166126616
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Altstadt, Richard

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Phone: 3173726665

Backlund, Bradford

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Phone: 775-224-4725

Bear, Larry

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Phone: 775-622-8643

Bower, Joe

Brooks, Geoffrey

Description: Graduate Chemist - University of London UK. Co-founder and owner of Brooks Industries a Chemical specialty Co. from 1984 to 2001. VP & General Manager for Health Sciences at Solazyme, S. San Francisco 2008-09 Somersett owner since 2006. Supporter of the VOA's Reno Works program giving folks the opportunity to be productive citizens.

Brown, Krissy

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Cader, Steve

Phone: 916-337-9111
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Calkins, William

Calkins, Charlene

Phone: 510-364-6934

Capangpangan, Sam

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Capotrio, Joseph

Charbonneau, Brett

Chik, Phillip

Description: Phil and Jan Chik. Phil: retired military. Jan: retired teacher. Interests: Phil--golf, travel, reading. Jan--skiing, travel, art, reading.
Phone: 1 (775) 376-8863
Address: 8175 Willow Ranch Trail, Reno, NV 89523
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Chontos, Nancy

Phone: 9493578700
Address: 1221 Dutch Hollow Trail, Reno, NV 89523
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Cohen, Alex

Daly, Jeff

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Deras, Martin (Bill)

Dixon, Dave