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Ainsworth, Gerald

Phone: 7757470911

Alexander, Dave

Phone: 9166126616
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Altstadt, Richard

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Phone: 3173726665

Backlund, Bradford

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Phone: 775-224-4725

Bear, Larry

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Phone: 775-622-8643

Bower, Joe

Brooks, Geoffrey

Description: Graduate Chemist - University of London UK. Co-founder and owner of Brooks Industries a Chemical specialty Co. from 1984 to 2001. VP & General Manager for Health Sciences at Solazyme, S. San Francisco 2008-09 Somersett owner since 2006. Supporter of the VOA's Reno Works program giving folks the opportunity to be productive citizens.
Address: 1865 Dove Mountain, Reno, NV 89523

Brown, Krissy

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Cader, Steve

Phone: 916-337-9111
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Calkins, William

Calkins, Charlene

Phone: 510-364-6934

Capalongan, Mark

Description: My wife and I fell in love with the community and moved here in 2019. Enjoying the life here in Somersett and hoping to give back by bringing some new ideas and energy for the benefit of the friendly residents here.

Capangpangan, Sam

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Capotrio, Joseph

Carter, Evelyn

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Phone: 775-830-7721

Charbonneau, Brett

Chik, Phillip

Description: Phil and Jan Chik. Phil: retired military. Jan: retired teacher. Interests: Phil--golf, travel, reading. Jan--skiing, travel, art, reading.
Phone: 1 (775) 376-8863
Address: 8175 Willow Ranch Trail, Reno, NV 89523
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Chontos, Nancy

Phone: 9493578700
Address: 1221 Dutch Hollow Trail, Reno, NV 89523
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Cohen, Alex

Daly, Jeff

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