The 2020 SOA Board of Directors, from left: Craig Hanson (Vice President); Terry Retter (Secretary); Tom Fitzgerald (President); Joe Strout (Vice President); and Simon Baker (Treasurer).

At the Annual Members Meeting on Nov. 18, 20 volunteers and three members of the Communications Committee counted over 1,000 member ballots (along with votes from one builder and one commercial) and the result was: Simon Baker (566 votes), Craig Hanson (541), Frank Leto (458), and Kathy Wild (409).

There were two open spots, which went to the top two vote-getters. So, serving a two-year term are Board newcomers Simon Baker and Craig Hanson. We thank Frank Leto for his two years of service on the Board and Kathy Wild for her enthusiastic participation in this election and for bringing her ideas for the community to the discussion.

The new Board then held an open meeting and elected the following officers:
President: Tom Fitzgerald
Secretary: Terry Retter
Treasurer: Simon Baker
Vice Presidents: Craig Hanson and Joe Strout

Congratulations to the new Board members and many thanks to the volunteers who opened and tallied all those ballots – over 10% more than were submitted in 2018!

2020 Budget ratification

The Board approved the 2020 Budget at its Oct.16 meeting. The 2020 Budget was automatically ratified at the Annual Meeting, as there was not a sufficient number of SOA members attending to reject it, as per the CC&Rs, Article II, Section 6.

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