The Executive Board is the governing body of the Somersett Owners Association and is made up of unpaid volunteers elected by members. The Board may act on behalf of the Association, subject to the provisions of the CC&Rs, the Association Articles of Incorporation, the Bylaws and the applicable provisions of Nevada law.



To maintain Somersett as the most desirable community in Northern Nevada in which to live.



To inspire community members to help create a coveted lifestyle which excites new residents and reminds existing residents that Somersett is the place they will continue to call home.

To be fair and consistent in enforcing rules and covenants.

To strive to increase property values for our members through proper management, maintenance and care of Association assets.

To maintain a strong and sustainable financial environment that achieves community objectives with no burdensome impact on our members.

To collaborate with community members and form strategic partnerships with financial experts, vendors and management.

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The Board of Directors

Tom Fitzgerald

Tom Fitzgerald


Term: 2019-2020

Somersett owner since 2015 Bio

Craig Hanson


Term: 2020-2021

Somersett owner since 2017 Bio

Simon Baker


Term: 2020-2021

Somersett owner since 2019 Bio

Terry Retter

Vice President

Term: 2019-2020

Somersett owner since 2003 Bio

Joe Strout

Vice President

Term: 2019-2020