The following five candidates are running for three open positions on the SOA Board of Directors. Each position comes with a two-year term.


Mark Capalongan

Mark Capalongan’s Candidate Form and Statement



Tom Fitzgerald

Tom Fitzgerald’s Candidate Form and Statement




Bill O’Donnell

Bill O’Donnell’s Candidate Form and Statement




Terril Retter

Terril Retter’s Candidate Form and Statement




Jacob Williams

Jacob Williams’ Candidate Form and Statement





Board election ballots and candidate statements will be mailed to unit owners on Oct. 23. Nevada law requires that all directors be elected by secret written ballot. Only you can vote on your secret ballot, which must be completely filled in and placed in the yellow envelope marked secret ballot. Seal it and place the yellow envelope inside the white envelope and mark your name and Somersett address of record on the outside of the white envelope (no need to include your SOME account number).

Mail your ballot or place it in the ballot box at The Club at Town Center. It will not be opened until the Annual Members Meeting on Monday, Nov. 16. Ballots must be received in person or by mail no later than 1 pm on Nov. 16. Please note: Due to coronavirus concerns, we will not have a ballot box at Aspen Lodge this year.

No ballots will be accepted at the annual meeting.

Candidates Night

When: Wednesday, Oct. 21, from 6-8 pm

Missed the live event? Here is a link to a Zoom recording (we apologize, but due to a technical glitch during recording, the video is pixelated):

Learn more

FAQs about the Board election

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