Do you have plastic grocery bags you would like to recycle and keep out of the landfills? Somersett resident Diane Williams has a very practical solution. She would like to form a group of volunteers to crochet the bags into mats for the homeless. Each mat is made up of 700 plastic bags and measures 3-feet-by-6-feet and makes a great, lightweight base for sleeping out-of-doors.

DONATE BAGS: If you have plastic bags you would like to donate to this project, please drop them off at the concierge desk at the Club at Town Center during the month of January. It would be very helpful if you could flatten all of your bags before you drop them off.

VOLUNTEER: Diane and other volunteers will meet from 10 am to noon on Friday, February 1,  in the Club’s Media Room to crochet the collected bags into beautiful mats. Crocheters will need a size Q needle. If you don’t crochet and would like to help, many hands are needed to cut and tie the bags into for crocheting. If you are interested in lending a “helping hand’’ to this project, please email Diane at