Spray Information

Spring is upon us. With the amount of rainfall and warmer temperatures, it creates a perfect climate for dandelions, clover and weeds to cultivate. Reno Green Landscaping will be performing granular turf fertilization, broad-leaf treatment and treatment of weeds in formal planter beds and native areas throughout the community starting this week and continuing about every 6-8 weeks to eliminate weeds.  All efforts will be made to provide the homeowners with sufficient notice prior to spraying; however, if we experience unexpected ideal weather conditions, we may choose to take advantage of those circumstances and proceed with spraying.

During the Spring months, Reno Green uses the following products to treat infestations of weeds and to treat stress spots in turf:

Reno Green Landscaping uses commercial grade products that are labeled as being safe for the environment. The products are used in accordance with the strict guidelines set forth by the manufactures and the department of agriculture. Reno Green has all of the required licenses and certifications to mix and apply these products per the regulations set forth by the department of agriculture.

If you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact the SOA office at 775-787-4500 or email soa@mysomersett.com.

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SOA Staff

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