A large irrigation pipe in the center median between Ridgefield Trail and Painted River Trail on Somersett Parkway has developed a leak, which has proved difficult to locate due to the slope and the length of the irrigation run. We now suspect that the rupture may be under the roadway.

We are in the process of getting a quote from American Leak Detection of Northern Nevada to pinpoint the exact location, and if we find that the ruptured pipe is indeed beneath the parkway we will have to work with the city to arrange a repair.

In the meantime, we must continue to irrigate the landscaped areas serviced by this mainline pipe so Reno Green has been turning the water on and off in this section each day. You may expect to see quite a bit of water runoff in this area, even when the water is not turned on. This is due to the water in the pipe and sleeve draining after the water has been shut off.

We will continue to keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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