By Greg Koerner

I’m very happy that the Board and our neighbors appreciate my efforts to try to alleviate a dangerous traffic issue where we access W. 4th Street at the bottom of Mesa Park Road. We need to do something soon because of the growth in our surrounding communities. 

I’ve contacted our Ward 5 Councilwoman Neoma Jardon, Ward 1 Jenny Brekhus, the Mayor’s Office Chief of Staff Mr. Rick Caldeira, the Traffic Engineering Department and Reno Direct. I learned the real powerhouse for traffic is RTC at their Complete Streets program. They study traffic and make improvements for all modes of transportation.

I received a call back from RTC and learned from Blaine Petersen the good news that we may get a roundabout!

Several options have been considered to correct our W. 4th Street access problem. Putting a roundabout at Woodland Avenue is an excellent idea; I fully support it. We can turn and head west for a few feet, then enter the roundabout without impeding traffic.

There’s no need to reduce the speed limit on W. 4th Street. Traffic moves. And roundabouts work when the power goes out! They’re less expensive to build and maintain than traffic lights. (See this report about the benefit of roundabouts from Washington State Deptartment of Transportation and this brochure from the Federal Highway Department.)

I think you could contact  Blaine at or call Complete Streets at RTC for more information on the NDOT study and RTC’s plan.

Let’s support a roundabout as the best answer to this traffic safety problem! It would have 3 exits and would look quite similar to the one going to our Town Center.

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  1. Great work Greg and thanks for your diligence which will benefit us all! Maybe they will also address the 4-way intersection at Mae Ann/Sharlsnds/Somersett Parkway/mesaPark next!! Marilee Watts

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