Current CC&Rs forbid basketball hoops from being installed permanently in front of the house and require portable hoops to be stowed out-of-sight after use.
Some residents have suggested that revisions to these guidelines are warranted based on the fact that Somersett is a family community and that child obesity and obsessions with screens are a problem in our society. Making it easier for children to play basketball would have a positive influence on our children’s lives. Portable hoops are heavy and hard to maneuver. Suggestions include instituting a 48-hour rule or allowing the hoops to be placed a certain distance from the street.
Others argue that there are plenty of recreational opportunities for children in and around the Club. Relaxing the rules on basketball hoops would create a multitude of problems such as noise complaints and would be a disservice to the community.
What do you think? Discussion is encouraged.

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  1. Encouraging kids to exercise and play outside should be a foremost priority of a family-oriented community such as Somersett. Kids playing basketball in front of their homes, perhaps even with Mom or Dad on a special occasion, is a sight that is essential to American suburban life. I strongly support allowing basketball hoops on driveways in Somersett – out in back if the placement of the house allows for that, or out in the front if that’s where the driveway is.

  2. Basketball hoops should not be in or encroach upon roadways, sidewalks, or common areas, for safety reasons. The SOA provides hoops in the parks and at the Club to help fight childhood obesity and as an alternative to “screen time”. Plus the whole family can enjoy the park or the Club, in line with Somersett’s family community.

  3. Please allow well maintained basketball hoops! They help to foster friendships, allow us to get to know our neighbors, be active, keep an eye on the neighborhood …it will help show a sense of community.
    With the hoops in our driveways we can keep our kids close and safe and busy in a healthy way. Parents cannot always drive their kids to the club and sit and watch them play
    We have noise regulations that can be maintained and we can be respectful of our neighbors. If problems occur, we can address them. Let’s give this a shot!
    Thank you for considering.

  4. We should allow basketball hoops in our family friendly community. If we allow them in our parks, why wouldn’t we allow them in our driveways? This helps us keep a closer eye on our kids. Kids also make friends, create skills & healthy physical and mental habits when we allow them to shoot hoops or have a pick up game on a whim. Some kids even want to practice for their school basketball team at home. There have been a number of occasions when my boys have asked me to get the hoop out & I cannot do it myself because it’s too cumbersome for me to get out myself & I have to tell them to wait till their dad gets home. Having new guidelines would be a smart thing for our children on many levels. Of course, we will be mindful & respectful of noise levels & maintenance. Let’s make recreation a priority in our community. This would be an easy way to do it. I appreciate your consideration.

  5. Living in this beautiful community from August of 2003, it has been an absolute shame not to allow basketball hoops in driveways! Allowing kids to exercise, be at home playing with their friends, and simply be able to go outside on their own to shoot hoops is something that should be welcomed in a family community. My kids have grown up playing in a very crowded sport court, being kicked out of the sport court for group fitness classes(which is what the upstairs fitness room should be used for) and we have watched the community out grow the town center. In result, my kids rarely use the town center anymore. It’s really too bad and I’m hoping you will consider changing the rule for future young families in this community.

  6. I do not agree with this. Unfortunately, the children rarely use these and they just become an eyesore to the surrounding neighbors (and dangerous considering the winds we have in Somersett). My last neighborhood in Damonte Ranch had three portable basketball hoops within a cul-de-sac out all the time that were rarely used. They blew over all the time in the wind (once almost hitting a parked car), and the parents didn’t understand how frustrating it was to the other five houses on the block…hence one of the reasons we moved to Somersett with an SOA. There are so many great things for children to do in Somersett. I hope this is not allowed as we all need to be respectful of our neighbors. It is of course nice to see children playing outside, but it’s also nice to see things put away when they are not in use.

  7. Absolutely! I am 100% in favor of allowing permanent hoops and/or having the 48 hour rule. Our home is 4 roundabouts away from the Park and Town Center. This means my children have to walk/ride a bike close to 2 miles to get to the nearest basketball hoops if I couldn’t drive them. It also involves crossing the parkway no less than 4 times, which we all know crossing the parkway requires taking your life into your own hands, I don’t even like doing it as an adult. Families should have the right to let their kids play in/at their own homes.

    Outside play is essential for the development of healthy, well-adjusted kids. I don’t know how playing basketball in the front yard would create any more noise than playing in the backyard or than riding bikes in front yards, playing football in front yards/streets, etc. I’m with Grant, let’s give this a shot!

  8. We really need to rethink the current restrictions. I agree with Stephanie’s comments above that the public hoops are NOT easily accessible to all the kids (distance, safety, quantity). My kids aren’t old enough to go to the park or use the Town Center alone.

    I don’t love the look of the portable hoops, but right now they are the only option and they are a total pain to “hide” after use. We are also part of a very nice community in Truckee (in general far more restrictive on aesthetic guidelines) and they allow permanent hoops on the homes, they just have to be painted to match the exterior. They honestly blend right in with the rest of the home and are not obtrusive or ugly at all. They can’t blow over and injure anyone or damage property, and they don’t have to be put away after each use.

    I would be in favor of allowing permanent hoops for sure!

  9. My family and I are in support of allowing well-maintained permanent basketball hoops in our neighborhood’s driveways. On several occasions, we have taken our children to the town center to shoot hoops in the gym, only to find Yoga classes or other non-basketball activities taking place. Though we are grateful for their presence and use them when we can, the park and Club hoops are not always as accessible as they may seem. For the safety of our children, portable hoops that are tough enough to withstand the winds our community sustains must be extremely heavy, making them difficult to move in and out of garages. Light hoops that are easier to move can blow down or be pulled over, potentially injuring our children. Playing basketball, whether on a portable (currently compliant) or permanent hoop generates the same amount of noise, so allowing tasteful hoops to remain in the driveways of our residents does not change the existing noise levels. Other high-end communities in our area allow for permanent basketball hoops and they are hardly noticed, unless you are intentionally looking for them. Therefore, it is possible to allow the hoops, without sacrificing the aesthetics of our neighborhoods. Our community is so wonderful and relaxing the guidelines for basketball hoops in driveways enhances the family lifestyle the majority of our community seems to desire.

  10. Just like the other aesthetic rules about home condition and yard condition, we can apply these to basketball hoops. Broken and damaged hoops need to be fixed. I have never seen the sidewalks that crowded with walkers that a b-ball hoop would interfere. Kids can put hockey nets in the street or ride bikes all over. Everyone needs to be aware of their surroundings which includes cars, people and neighbors. Move or pause your game if someone needs to get through. Don’t play after hours when you know it bugs your neighbors. Drive slowly through your neighborhoods so you aren’t surprised by an errant ball or kid. Overall just respect others.

  11. As someone who lives at the end of a cul-de-sac and has a portable hoop, it is definitely unifies our neighborhood. Kids play on it all the time from our street. Especially during the summer months, when the kids are home, they play on it every day. However, I would also agree that they are not without the need to upkeep and/or additional rules. Some possibilities could be:
    – Hoops allowed out for a set period of time, like 9a-9p, or from sunup to sundown, 9a to sundown, or something like that. Perhaps also a consideration for when kids are on school breaks.
    I guess we could just use Washoe County’s schedule, or even a “summer hours/winter hours” schedule.
    – Should be weighed down appropriately due to wind considerations. I have 300+ lbs of sand and sandbags on ours.
    – Should be on a generally level street or Cul-de-sac.
    – Should be in front of your own house
    – General aesthetic considerations – i.e. must be UP when outside – not on its side or laying down, should not be up overnight, etc. We currently have rules for people parking on the street for extended periods of time – the same may apply to hoops on the street as well.

    Those are just ideas, but I think that considering the revision of the rules surrounding these hoops is definitely worth discussing formally by the SOA. Many of the aforementioned points are valid – distance/availability of the Somersett hoops, respecting neighbors, etc. If these hoops become a problem, then we can have further discussions, but I dont think that means we cant try it out and see.

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