Highlights from committees

  • Communications: The committee reviewed a refresh of Somersett.net and is working on introducing SMS (text) messaging option for disseminating surveys and SOA news to residents.
  • West Park Community Garden: Chair Ken McNeil reported that the park is looking good and construction is proceeding nicely thanks to the mild winter. The committee is forming an interest list for garden beds (those interested should email westpark@mysomersett.com). The garden is still in need of funds for desired amenities and the committee is working to raise donations. A park opening date has not been set by the city.

Highlights from the Manager’s Report:

  • From Padovan Consulting: Signature Landscaping and Grade-Ex are clearing vegetation in common area drainage channels that were identified as needing maintenance. Commercial Pumps Service has completed work on Canyon Nine pump station repairs. Grade-Ex has completed repairs to a low spot on pavement in the Boulders. Repairs to low spots along Gypsy Hill Trail will begin soon (APEX).
  • Canyon Nine (BrightView): Working on hiring a course superintendent whose sole responsibility will be Canyon Nine. Planning an “opening day’’ event.
  • Irrigation (BrightView): Although all irrigation is off for the season, repairs to drip irrigation are being performed throughout community. 1,280 water-efficient irrigation heads have been installed along Somersett Parkway from Mae Anne to the overlook parking lot above The Village.
  • The Club at Town Center: The interior painting project is under way and new carpeting will be installed.
  • Key projects completed in 2019

ROCKERY WALL LAWSUIT: On Jan. 31, the court denied motions for attorney fees from Parson’s, Q&D and Stantec. A mediation session is set for Friday, March 13 on the Notices of Appeal filed by the SOA. Read more: Feb. 19, 2020, Legal Disclosure

VANTANA RIDGE EASEMENT: The developer rejected the SOA’s offer for the sale of the parcel so the Board voted to take this item off the agenda.

NEW AGC COMMITTEE MEMBER: The Board appointed residential designer Steve Hendricks to the Architectural Guidelines Committee. Tom Fitzgerald noted that Steve is very familiar with Somersett and will bring needed professional depth to the committee.

SOA and SIERRA CANYON ARCHITECTURAL AGREEMENT: The Board approved a Memorandum of Understanding between the SOA and the Sierra Canyon Association Architectural Review that will streamline the review process for Sierra Canyon residents. Sierra Canyon residents should await more information on this agreement from the sub-association.

The Board also approved:

  • A proposal from CAS ($14,665.33) to repair the Back Nine South Gate which was damaged when a resident’s vehicle slid into it. The repair is extensive and will take some time to complete. Management will make every effort to recover funds for the repair from the driver’s insurance company.
  • A proposal ($3,800) fromHigh Sierra Forestry related to mitigation of hazardous fuels in SOA common areas. High Sierra Forestry will identify areas that need treatment, solicit bids for all phases of the project and oversee the work.

READ MORE: Feb. 26, 2020 Draft Board Minutes  (still tentative waiting on Board email approval)