By Terry Retter, SOA Board Secretary

I am looking for 6 to 8 people to form a group to assess and recommend updates to the Somersett Owners Association controlling documents.  These people will review and assess:

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs)
    o    Somersett Aesthetic Guidelines
  • Planned Unit Development (PUD)

The objective is to make recommendations to the SOA Board for revisions and updates to these documents. Following a legal review, changes approved by the board will then be presented to the Somersett Community for approval. Changes to these controlling documents require approval by a majority of the Somersett homeowners. I would hope to get this vote completed before October of this year, which means this group needs to get started soon.

Some of the essential areas for review include:

  • Size and term of board positions
  • Lighting policy including the “Dark Sky Policy”
  • Landscaping:
    o   Parkway restrictions and requirements
    o   Alternatives for turf usage
    o   Evergreen tree plantings
    o   Fence restriction and requirements
  • Parking and vehicle storage restrictions for public and private streets
  • Approved plan conformance and variations

I would hope the group would represent a wide range of interests and ages that reside within our community. So, if you have any interest in participating in this effort or if you have any questions on the activity, contact me at

1 thought on “Group forming to review SOA governing documents”

  1. Terry,

    Good idea as I to believe it is time to update the SOA’s Governing Documents, which should also include the Bylaws. With regard to your “essential areas for review”, I believe the following should be addressed:

    1) Articles related to the Somersett Golf and Country Club. Now that we own the land it sits on (but not the business), the relationship as described in the CC&R’s needs updating.
    2) References to the Declarant. There are many references to the Declarant (i.e., the Somersett Development Company) in the CC&R’s that need review. Some of the Declarant rights, but not all, contained therein have probably expired, or should expire!
    3) We previously modified the CC&R’s to address the acquisition of land to the Common Area (e.g., the Town Square and Country Club properties) perhaps an Article pertaining to the conveyance (e.g., sale) of land should also be addressed.
    4) How would owner approval be accomplished? It is most likely that some changes would be widely accepted, while others not so much. Will a provision by provision vote be permitted? I would hate to see some good changes be revoked because of the addition of some perceived bad changes, given the many vested interests that prevail throughout our community!

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