By Jim O’Connell

Days are getting shorter, temps are getting cooler, mornings are feeling a little crispier, and if you look around Somersett the colors of fall are starting to show. It’s a perfect time to talk about getting your lawn ready for the fall and winter months. Here are a few recommendations.

Fall lawn tips

  • Use your % setting on the irrigation controller to reduce the amount of water you are putting down. A good rule of thumb is around ½-inch of water on your scheduled watering days.
  • It’s a good time to aerate.
  • Apply a good fall fertilizer.
  • Consider a soil activator, which aids in reducing thatch buildup.
  • Lower mower height to 2 inches.

Winterization lawn tips (typically around Nov. 1)

  • Mow at 2 inches or shorter being careful not to scalp your lawn.
  • Apply a good winter fertilizer and water it in for a few watering days.
  • Turn off and drain irrigation. A good rule of thumb here is to keep an eye on the local weather and a week before you see evening lows below freezing for 3 or more consecutive days in a row it is time to winterize your irrigation.

Jim O’Connell is the Project Manager for Somersett Owners Association.