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Somersett Owners Association has contracted with Wilderness Forestry Inc. to reduce the amount of fire fuels on SOA common areas. After weather-related delays, the work began on March 18. Machinery and workers are cutting/mulching/removing flammable fuels, creating defensible space throughout the community in the areas marked in the map, above, which is for Phase 1 of the project. (A map for Phase 2 is not yet available.)

Please bear with us as this crucial work progresses. The machinery and workers could be loud, create dust and impact walking trails as the necessary work is completed. The short-term negative impacts are unavoidable and will be minimized as much as possible. By creating this defensible space, there is a decreased chance of catastrophic loss during a wildfire.

Please know the SOA and the contractors are doing everything possible to limit any inconvenience this work has on homeowners. 

Clearing fire fuels near Whisper Rock Way.

1 thought on “Fire fuel reduction project begins”

  1. Both the SOA and Sierra Canyon HOA are working on plans to help eliminate dry and dangerous brush in our communities. I am so very appreciative for this effort!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    According to all documentation regarding fire prevention, and also what to do if fire (or another major catastrophe) occurs, having a COMMUNITY EVACUATION PLAN is of utmost importance.

    Therefore, while we are in the process of making our community and neighborhoods safer, we should also be working on an Evacuation Plan, and actually having a ‘Drill’.
    I would like to suggest a Somersett Evacuation Plan Ad Hoc Committee … and I will be the first volunteer.

    What do you think??

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