This website has been developed by the Somersett Owner’s Association in an expanded effort to keep residents informed about issues affecting the community, and to encourage the sharing of viewpoints between owners and the association, and between neighbors. Our community faces many challenges in the near future as we grow and develop. It is essential that we share our thoughts and ideas if we are to continue to shape Somersett into the best community in northern Nevada. Resident comments are encouraged, however all comments will be moderated and won’t be posted if they don’t meet the following guidelines. So play fair and be polite to your neighbors!

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  6. Original material only.
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  8. If you have service issues, business propositions, partnership pitches, or employment issues, please contact association management.

Association management may join in the discussion, but will not address internal issues.
We reserve the right to not post or remove any comments at any time for any reason.
(Please note: if a portion of a comment is not allowable, the entire comment will not be posted.)