Upgrades for West Park’s Large Dog ParkCategoryUpdates

Good news! The Large Dog Park at Somersett West Park will be getting an update in the coming weeks!

Be aware that this area may be closed periodically during this time. Here is the tentative schedule:

Friday, Sept. 11: Weed remediation (spraying)

Thursday, ...Read More

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Contact Management StaffCategoryUpdates

Ryan Fields Community Manager, 775-787-4500 x332 ryan.fields@fsresidential.com

Bernadette Rodas Assistant Community Manager, 775-787-4500 x310 bernadette.rodas@fsresidential.com

Jim O’Connell Project Manager, 775-787-4500 x334 james.oconnell@fsresidential.com

Jeff Lucas Operations Manager, 775-787-4500 x336 jeff.lucas@fsresidential.com

Alex Lacko Aesthetics Coordinator, 775-787-4500, x333 alex.lacko@fsresidential.com

Michelle Powers Administrative Assistant, 775-787-4500 x339 michelle.powers@fsresidential.com

Robin Bolson Communications Coordinator, 775-787-4500 x324 robin.bolson@fsresidential.com

Lindsey McElfish Program Coordinator, 775-787-4500 x317 lindsey.mcelfish@fsresidential.com

Camille Porter Sports Coordinator, 775-787-4500 x321 camille.porter@fsresidential.com

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