Residents have expressed concern about non-resident use of The Club at Town Center (TCTC) because they fear that this could lead to overcrowding of our facilities. In reality, there is very little non-resident use of TCTC and what does exist is through the Somersett Golf and Country Club (SGCC). 

The rules for outsider use of TCTC are defined in the CC&Rs (see the relevant section below). The CC&Rs dictate that non-resident, equity members of SGCC can request access to TCTC and, if granted, equity members must pay a fee that is not less than the portion owners pay for TCTC in their monthly assessments to obtain access to the TCTC facilities. SCGG collects those monthly fees and transfers the funds to TCTC. The current fee requested by SGCC for nonresident access to TCTC is actually much higher than what owners pay.

Also, the SGCC caps at 10% the number of members that can request access to TCTC and participation is far lower than that. Those who request access to club facilities usually do so with specific activities in mind, such as fitness classes or to gain access to the gym or basketball courts. Three or four families use the pool facilities as well.

So, while some nonresidents access the TCTC through the SGCC, the numbers are small when compared to the close-to-2,000 residents who have access to club facilities. While some may feel that our facilities are too crowded, this is not because of the small number of outside users.

CC&Rs, Section 8. Somersett Country Club Member Rights to Use Club at Town Center and Canyon Nine Golf Course.

Members of the Somersett Country Club who are not members of the Association (“Non-member Users”) nevertheless shall have the right of use of the Club at Town Center and the Canyon Nine Golf Course. As a condition of such use rights, the Board may, and shall, require the payment of such fees by Non-member Users as arc reasonably similar to that portion of annual assessments paid by Owners attributable to the use and operation of the Club at Town Center, and the Canyon Nine Golf Course, respectively and as applicable. The method and timing of the payment of such fees shall be within the discretion of the Board, reasonably exercised. In all other regards, use and enjoyment of the Club at Town Center and the Canyon Nine Golf Course by Non-member Users shall be upon and subject to all Rules and Regulations, and terms and provisions of this Declaration applicable to an Association member’s use and enjoyment thereof. Neither the Board nor the Association may deny or impair the Non-member Users’ rights to use the Club at Town Center or the Canyon Nine Golf Course without the express written consent of the owner and operator of the Somersett Country Club.

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