Are you planning changes to the exterior of your home or landscape? Most of these modifications are subject to the approval of the Aesthetic Guidelines Committee. Here are FAQs about the process.

Q.: What should be included in my submittal to the Aesthetics Guidelines Committee (AGC)?

  • Completed application pages
  • Plot plan
  • Color swatches/material samples (photos will suffice). If any physical samples are submitted, they must be picked up after the review.
  • Landscaping plans must indicate the plant list, hardscape, lighting and drainage.
  • Building modifications or new home plans should include full structural plans with elevations.

Q.: How long should I expect it to take for my submittal to be approved?

The AGC meets on the first and third Thursday of each month. Plans must be submitted no later than the Friday prior to the meeting. Plans may be approved the first time through the Committee, but edits or corrections may be required, which lengthens the process. If all comments from the initial review are addressed appropriately, a single plan should not go through the Committee more than twice.

Q.: How will I know what the Committee’s decision is?

Response letters are mailed to the homeowner after each AGC meeting. The SOA is required by law to send all correspondence through the U.S. Post Office. Homeowners may request a digital copy of the response letter in addition to the mailed physical copy.

Q.: What if my submittal is rejected?

The AGC will provide direct comments regarding what needs to be changed on each plan. Homeowners will need to make the requested edits or corrections and resubmit for review at the next meeting. Alternatively, homeowners may decide to cancel the project entirely. If so, they are eligible to receive the refundable portion of the review fee with a written request.

Q.: My submittal has been approved, now what?

Homeowners have 18 months to install approved projects. Once everything is complete, homeowners should contact the Association in order to schedule a final inspection. Once the inspection has passed, a final approval letter will be mailed and the refundable portion of the review fee will be returned via check.

Q.: What if there are modifications after my project has been approved?

Any modifications to previously approved plans shall be resubmitted to the AGC for review. No additional review fee would be required unless more than five reviews are needed. The changes to the plan should be called out or highlighted.

Q.: What if I want to replace like-for-like?

Certain types of exterior modifications, such as like-for-like changes, do not require review or approval. For example, if a homeowner wants to repaint a home’s exterior with the existing colors, or replace a tree or shrub with the same species, no review is required. This concept also applies to the replacement of structures which are damaged or worn.

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