The website has both a public side as well a private side accessed by homeowners with a login. The public side has general news about living in Somersett. The homeowners-only side of the website contains important SOA documents, information about Board and Committee meetings, calendars, and news about the SOA not appropriate for the general public to access. Here are some FAQs about the website.


I am a Somersett owner and I’ve never logged in before. What do I do?

Stop by The Club at Town Center and fill out a form requesting access. In seven to 10 days we will email you with a username and password.


Which Login button should I use?

The FirstService Residential Login gives you access to your SOA account with information about your assessment balance, for example.
The Login button offers access the homeowners’ section of the website.


What if I forget my password?

Click the Login button, enter either your Username or the email address associated with your account, then click the
Lost Password button at the bottom of the screen. You will receive an email with instructions on how to create a new password.


OK, I am logged in. Where is the SOA menu?

Look for the menu of icons on the left side of your screen. When you hover your mouse over it, the menu expands and you will see the choices.


Where are the SOA Rules and Regs?

You can find them on the SOA Documents page, along with the PUD, the CC&Rs, AG Guidelines, AGC Submittal Form and many more useful and important documents.


How do I post a new topic in the Homeowner’s Forum?

Email your post to Communications Coordinator Robin Bolson at


How do I comment on an article?

Scroll down to the bottom of the article and you will see a form where you can type in your comment. Be sure to hit the Post Comment button when you are finished.


Can I search for information?

Yes, just click on the search button in the menu on the left side of the page and you can look for keywords in posts and pages OR topics in the CC&Rs document.

4 thoughts on “Accessing this website: FAQs”

  1. I have been a Somersett homeowner and resident for four years and I just wanted to sincerely thank the SOA for its outstanding job making Somersett a truly wonderful place to live for all of us. The facilities are fantastic (I use them all the time) and the beauty of our area is incredible. I moved here from Southern California so I appreciate nice locations. Every time I receive visitors at my Somersett home, they always remark how beautiful my neighborhood is as well as the surrounding areas.

    Maintaining a large area like Somersett to a high degree of excellence is a very challenging endeavor. Our often inconsistent and unpredictable weather can make that task even more challenging, especially when time-sensitive and/or costly issues materialize that no one was expecting. I would hope that all Somersett residents appreciate the time and effort being expended to ensure their QOL in Somersett remains very high. I have been all over this country as well as around the world, twice. I can say to a moral certainty that Somersett residents are blessed. I know I am.

    Mike Schachter

    1. Mike, your comments are much appreciated. Somersett is a great place to live because neighbors such as you value the good fortune that Somersett presents to us. It’s very encouraging that you recognize the time and effort put in by our homeowner volunteers and the professional staff to keep Somersett at a very desirable level. We urge all homeowners to view our neighborhoods through your experienced eyes.
      Thanks again.
      Tom Fitzgerald, Board president

  2. How do you find a list of First Residential Employees and their email addresses and their phone numbers on the Home page of the web site…

    I wish to email Cristina Parker (is she the same as Christina Cravens?) …


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