From-The-Presidents-DeskDear Somersett Homeowners,

Many homeowners ask, why do we have the Aesthetic Guidelines Committee (AGC) and the Community Standards Committee (CSC)? How can the SOA tell us what we can do with our own private property?

While the inside of one’s house is indeed private, the exterior is integral to Somersett’s integrity and personality. The Developer who wrote the CC&Rs wanted the community to maintain its look and feel which is a large part of why most people boughthomes here in the first place –  open spaces, continuity of design, the natural look, solitude, quiet, etc.

We live in a community with well-published guidelines for maintaining our long-term desirability. This is an area with many natural and well-designed assets, and keeping those assets for all homeowners is the purpose of these committees.

To avoid unnecessary problems and frustration, all homeowners are encouraged to review and understand the Somersett CC&Rs and AGC Guidelines.

The AGC reviews owner-submitted landscaping and house change plans. All such plans must meet the AGC guidelines unless a variance is granted. Plans that meet the guidelines are approved. Failure to meet these guidelines comes with suggestions about how to make necessary changes for a resubmittal and approval.

When there is a CSC violation, the first step is a courtesy notice to the homeowner. An appropriate response results in the violation being closed. Failure to respond or an unsuitable response causes a fine to be levied.

A homeowner can meet with either committee in person to gain understanding of the committee’s decision. If a homeowner disputes either committee’s decision, it can be appealed to the Board of Directors. After said appeal, any Board decision is final.

Each of these committees has Somersett homeowners as members trying to do what is best for our community. “Community” suggests unity, fellowship, living with others. It’s not easy to promote peace and harmony in an area of over 7,000 people, but your Board and committees try their best.


Tom Fitzgerald

SOA Board President

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  1. It is wonderful to have the Community Manager Report and this President’s Letter communicated to all homeowners on a regular basis! Keep it up!!

    Marilee Watts
    The Vue

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