Greetings Somersett Homeowners, 

Thank you to the many Somersett community members who took the time to reach out to me regarding the erosion issues at the Cliffs development by Toll Brothers. As a resident of Somersett myself, I am particularly aware of the rock wall/erosion issues in our community and the negative impacts the Special Assessment is having on everyone, me included. I am working diligently to prevent a similar situation from taking place in the future and have been in close communication with city staff. I will continue to track this project to ensure that it is given appropriate attention and that necessary mitigation is taken.

Here is a letter from Mike Mischel, the Engineering Manager within the Community Development Department at the City outlining specifics on the project and the plan for the City of Reno, the SOA, and Toll Brothers moving forward.

Again thank you for reaching out and engaging on this important issue. I will remain in contact to keep everyone apprised.

Neoma Jardon
City Council Woman, Ward 5