Clark Griswold Jr. lives in Somersett. Eleven-year-old Nathan Falcocchia is undoubtedly the youngest holiday light competitor in the Second Annual Neighborhood of Lights. Nathan’s display of about 3,000 individual lights that he installed almost entirely by himself can be found at 1935 Champion Hills Drive. What category is it entered under? Griswold, of course.

While you’re there, take a close look at some of the innovations that Nathan came up with. A tomato cage forms a Christmas tree shape of white lights. Red PVC pipes wrapped with lights form arches.

Nathan took to YouTube for inspiration and information on how to safely install his designs. He learned that the maximum number of strands per outlet was six, so it took some planning to make everything light up safely. “That was my favorite part of the whole project,’’ he says. “Figuring it out.’’

His biggest challenge? “Getting my Dad to buy me more lights!’’

This is the third – and biggest display yet for Nathan. What about Christmas 2019? There are strings and strings of lights in the garage that haven’t even been taken out of the box. “Next year it will be even bigger!’’ Nathan says. Spoken like a true Griswold.

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