Q: What is the Community Standards Committee?

A: The Community Standards Committee, also known as the CSC, is composed of seven Board-appointed members: one primary and one alternate Board member and five Association unit owners. This committee executes the appropriate actions outlined per in the Compliance Policy. All CSC information and actions are strictly confidential.

The CSC conducts hearings with homeowners and determines appropriate courses of action regarding fines and/or penalties. The committee may place violations on hold or give homeowners an extension to rectify the violation. It may also assess fines to homeowners’ accounts. The CSC will also make recommendations to the Board for fine removals from accounts as well as provide information on actions if a homeowner chooses to appeal a decision to the Board of Directors.

Q: What is a courtesy notice?

A: When a violation of the Somersett Governing Documents is identified on a property, the homeowner receives the first violation notice or courtesy notice. This courtesy notice is simply a friendly reminder of the Somersett rules and Governing Documents. The issue must be corrected within 14 days from the date of the inspection.

Q: What is a hearing notice?

A: If the violation sent at courtesy notice has not been corrected within 14 days, it will then progress to a hearing notice, which invites homeowners to the next CSC meeting. The Committee meets once a month. At the meeting, homeowners may speak directly to the Committee about their violation.

Q: Do I have to attend the hearing I was invited to?

A: No. However, it is very important if you cannot attend to submit correspondence in writing to the committee explaining the violation on your account. That way, the committee is still informed of the status of your violation and can make an educated decision on where to place your violation.

If you plan to attend the hearing you have been invited to, please notify the Compliance Director Chrissy Parker at christina.parker@fsresidential.com or 775-787-4500, ext. 327. Please note: The committee will NOT speak to tenants/renters on a homeowners’ behalf unless we receive written permission from the homeowner directly. Also, if you have not been invited to a CSC meeting you may not attend as it is a closed-door meeting.

Q: What are the responsibilities of the Compliance Director?

A: The Compliance Director conducts weekly inspections of the entire neighborhood and sends notices to homeowners who violate the Somersett Governing Documents. Additionally, the Compliance Director is the liaison between homeowners and the CSC. Any complaints in regards to potential violations are filed with the Compliance Director.

Q: How do I update the Association on a corrected violation?

A: If you have corrected a violation on your property, please notify the Compliance Director in writing at christina.parker@fsresidential.com. After the Compliance Director receives the notification that the violation has been rectified, it is added to the next weekly compliance inspection. After inspection, if the violation has been corrected, you will receive a thank you letter in the mail indicating the violation has closed on your account.

Q: How do I dispute a violation I received?

A: If you received a violation that was incorrectly issued, please contact the Compliance Director in writing. From there, the Compliance Director can complete another inspection to verify if the violation was sent in error. Any correspondence you would like the committee to review in regards to an error, please send to the Compliance Director. The committee will review the correspondence at their next CSC meeting and you will receive a letter in the mail notifying you of their decision/discussion.

Q: How do I file a complaint?

A: If you would like to file a complaint in regards to a potential violation, please contact the Compliance Director in writing at christina.parker@fsresidential.com. It is helpful if you can be as specific as possible in regards to the occurrence and provide pictures.

Q: Why has nothing been done about the complaint/potential violation I filed?

A: Each complaint filed by a homeowner is investigated by the Compliance Director. If a violation of the Somersett Governing Documents is identified, the Compliance Director will take the necessary steps per the Compliance Policy.

Please note: The Somersett Owners Association and or Compliance Director may not disclose if any homeowner is in violation, due to confidentiality.

Q: Why have I been suspended from The Club at Town Center?

A: When the CSC makes a decision to begin the fining process, clubhouse privileges are also revoked. After the committee begins the fining process, a letter is sent to the homeowner/renter notifying them that their clubhouse privileges have been revoked. Homeowners/renters may not use clubhouse facilities until their violation has been rectified.

Also, if you break the Club’s Rules & Regulations, you may be called to a hearing which may potentially suspend your privileges at the Club.

If you would like to discuss why you have been suspended from the clubhouse, please see the Compliance Director to go over your active violation.

Q: Why am I receiving fines?

A: The committee can begin fining you if the violation has not been corrected within 14 days of the hearing notice. If the violation is not rectified within the 14-day timeframe, your account will be charged $50 the first week, and $100 each week following until the violation has been fixed. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to communicate to the Compliance Director when the violation has been corrected.

Q: How do I waive the fines on my account?

A: Once the violation has been completely closed, the homeowner may request in writing to the Compliance Director specifically requesting that fines be waived. Include background information or any other information you would like the committee to know in the written correspondence. From there, the Compliance Director can take the request to the next CSC meeting for review by the committee.

After the CSC makes a recommendation, the request is then forwarded to the Executive Board of Directors for a final approval. After the Board makes the final decision, the homeowner will receive a letter in the mail notifying of the decision that was made.

Q: How do I know my violation has been closed on my account?

A: The CSC appreciates when homeowners comply with the governing documents. A thank-you letter is sent in the mail to each homeowner who has complied specifying that the violation has been closed. Once the violation has closed, the fines will no longer be assessed.